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    Robert Wong

    This is an example of a perceptual mapping technique examining perceptions and attitudes of snowmobilers and cross-country skiers towards the environment. The research was conducted as part of a land management work along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

    Methodology: Online survey to sample of members of snowmobile clubs and cross-country skiers clubs and trail associations
    Questionnaire developed with sets of questions on the following topics:
    -use and frequency patterns of their activities
    -backcountry destinations
    -perceptions of group encounters
    -motivations for participation
    -profile characteristics

    Analysis of 16 attitudinal statements using a five point importance likert scale using perceptual mapping technique of multi-dimensional scaling. The resulting patterns when comparing the two recreational groups suggested similar mean scores to dimensions of natural environment, escapism and socialization. However, further examination of individual statements observed differences of intensity than direction. Snowmobilers sought out mechanized recreational activities, adventure and socialization. For cross-country skiers quiet and peaceful aspects of their activity were high on their motivational ranking. Land management implications suggested reenforced the need to define separate and distinctive zoning with complementary exchange of information so both user groups understand the motivations they have in common and where they diverge.

    Now share some examples from your world.

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