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    Robert Wong

    Here is an example of a short recycling questionnaire

    Do you recycle?

    Yes No Sometimes

    How often do you recycle?
    All the time Daily Weekly Monthly Not sure

    What materials do you recycle?
    Paper Glass Aluminium Plastic Textiles Electrical Others (please specify)

    Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with the following statements about recycling using the the 7 point scales where 1 is completely disagree, 4 neither disagree or agree, and 7 is completely agree.

    Recycling everything is just now a daily routine
    I hate having to sort recycling so I just put everything in the garbage
    If I can recycle from my house then all is good
    Recycling reduces landfills
    If I recycle then I am doing my part to reduce climate change
    Recycling is just an eyesore
    If they paid me then I would recycle
    It doesn’t make any difference , so why do it


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