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    Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have had my hands in marketing research for the last 10+ years, but only recently has it become my full-time accountability. I am currently the Manager of Customer Experience at Nova Scotia Power Inc. where I lead the Voice of the Customer Program. The goal of my department is to represent the customer within the organization and to uncover customer’s needs and wants.
    I use data to help the business develop new products, improve service delivery and help shape our customer interactions via customer journeys. Marketing Research is the foundation to ensure our recommendations are based on data. A big focus on our Voice of the Customer Program is measuring customer satisfaction (overall and transactions). The goal is to translate data into information and furthermore into insights and actionable recommendations which I develop jointly with the relevant business units. That way we foster operational excellence and create a culture that is based on our Customer Experience Guiding Principles.
    I oversee any market and marketing research activities within the organization. One of my biggest initiatives right now is to build a data lake that will hold customer responses across all our studies.
    Marketing research studies are either managed in-house via our relatively small team, or we partner with a market research firm, if the initiative is large in scope. I typically involve a vendor on studies that are fairly complex or where it is important that our samples are representative of our overall customer base.
    Personally, I am a curious person that loves to explore new ideas and concepts. I was born and grew up in Austria, have a Master in System Science and Business Administration and immigrated to Canada in 2009. I love the East Coast and the many outdoor activities that are only a few minutes outside of the city.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you all better – so long,

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    Nice to meet you, Nicole! I’m also from Nova Scotia. My family is from New Glasgow and I attended Dalhousie. The East Coast is gorgeous, I look forward to traveling back once it’s safe to do so!

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    Make sure to connect with me the next time you visit NS!

    Robert Wong
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    Sorry for the slow reply. Great to see that you are getting to know each other a bit more. I love the east coast and need to find my way back there again. Did a fall trip that took us to Cape Breton and would love to cycle it!

    For now in COVID I dream of far destinations and rendez-vous with my family. In the meantime, did a hike recently to Mono Cliffs PP and Creemore Nature Reserve. Recommend both.

    Back to the Prep Seminar…hope that you are finding it worthwhile. I look forward receiving your proposals and then meeting up with you on Saturday at 10 am. I will send this out as an email so no-one misses this.

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