Majid Khoury Holdings Inc.

Vancouver, Canada

Majid has been working in the industry for over 30 years with a focus on branding and advertising research. Majid started his career in Montreal and Toronto with Tandemar Research prior to moving to Vancouver and setting up his own boutique agency that was eventually acquired by Ipsos-ASI. After 10 years at Ipsos as SVP Western North America and travelling across the continent weekly, Majid resigned and set up his own consultancy in 2012. Working from home and connected to a team of independent contractors, Majid currently provides full service market research projects and consulting working to national advertisers based in Vancouver as well as local organizations and crown corporations across over 20 categories. The efficiency of an independent home-based organization freed up Majid’s time to pursue three passions: volunteering, cooking and reading/writing. Majid currently provides his expertise as a skilled volunteer to four local not-for-profits as well as regularly mentoring new immigrants via IEC-BC and Concordia University new graduates. At the end of a working day, chopping and cooking, with or without recipes, releases the tensions of the day and prepares him to retire to bed with fantasy fiction and four cats.